The Giants Causeway Storybook

The Giants Causeway Storybook


This book is an ideal gift for any child or adult with an interest in local culture.

The re-telling of the Causeway legend looks at the story with an unusually fresh approach.

The building of the Giant’s Causeway from Ireland to Scotland introduces you to Finn MacCool, Benandonner (the Scottish giant), Oonagh (Finn’s wife) and a number of other characters. A gateway and bridge to shared Irish and Scottish culture.

The quirky humour in this book is excellent and weighing in at 80 pages, it is exceptional value for money. With intense illustrations by Stephen Hall and written by his alter ego, Daniel Ferguson, “The Giant’s Causeway” will drop you into the rough and tumble of Iron Age mythology. (Lots of wee extra bits for the eye to trip over.)

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